Drupal 8.7.1

Software description

Drupal is a free CMS with which you can create complete dynamic web portals that publish news, photos, videos and other content. We can either do our personal blog or put online the most complex sites such as e-Commerce portals or small social community. Drupal is also supported by a big community/forum of enthusiasts and professionals of the web which discuss the problems and advanced configurations of the CMS.

• Know the Features
Drupal is a powerful platform but also quite simple, an average computer user can manage all the features quickly. The CMS offers an easier automated installation wizard and that less experienced users will enjoy the entire process, while professionals can install manually by operating on individual files. The installation phase, as mentioned, is entirely automatic and it will be enough just to enter some data that will be required. Alternatively, advanced users can install the CMS by editing the file manually and installing setting.php database.

Software details

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