mp3DirectCut 2.24

Software description

Large audio files can be divided into several small fragments with the free MP3 editing software “mp3DirectCut”. This is useful if you have recorded, for example, live music shows in MP3 format, from the Web radio or from your music library. It is also possible to cut out specific areas. For instance, if you want to remove advertisement from an MP3 file, you can simply use this software. With “mp3DirectCut”, you can also edit the title information (“ID3 Tags”) of the files, or you can adjust the volume.

The advantages
You can cut any songs using this software without worrying about the loss of quality. There is a tool that displays a graphical illustration of the wave form of the MP3 file. So, you can see breaks and cut the song quickly and precisely. With the integrated recorder, you can record any audio directly as MP3 files using LAME codec. Other advantages include:

• Practical functions
• MP3 audio editing without quality loss
• Audio editing feature
• Automatic and manual tagging
• Can manage files up to 2GB

Software details

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