StartIsBack++ 2.8.2

Software description

StartIsBack replaces the standard “Start Menu” of Windows 7 with all its features such as: search, drag and drop, recently used applications and with totally customizable settings. The StartIsBack tools considerably revamp the versatility of the desktop and create a new screen in an organized manner, more convenient, fast and stable. After the installation of this software, your session on Windows 8 would begin with the desktop. Unlike other Windows Start menu solutions, the software takes the user directly to the desktop without hanging around.

As soon as you install the tool, a window pops up and asks if you want to configure the Start Menu. You can change the image of the Windows button to a different icon that attracts you. You can also choose the menu style and then define which applications you should be presented first. At the same time, if you feel that you want to deactivate the new Start Menu, you can disable these functions by customizing the “Appearance” of your computer.

Software details

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