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Snapchat App is distinguished from other social networks in that the messages vanish after a few seconds from the recipient’s phone.

To have a snapchat account, all you need is your name, an email address and your date of birth. It’s that easy to register and start using Snapchat. The next thing to do is to have a handle which can be any name of your choice with which your friends will be able to add you. You can search for your friends on snapchat and add them up to start chatting. Unlike other social sites, photos and not text starts a conversation and there are lots of photo-editing tools and filters to beautify your pictures.

Snapchat needs internet connectivity for sending and receiving snapchats. A key feature of Snapchat is that any photo, message or video sent can only be viewed by the receiver for only a short while before it expires. This has ensured that there is a frequent flow of communication on the application.

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Snapchat App
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